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When Whales Flutter…

whale4A little while ago I happened to spy the most amazing fabric on Instagram – you know the one, that fabric that you can’t live without?  Well, The Owl and Sewing Cat had this whale print in stock and I had to have it in my life, so off I went to Eastbourne in search of whales! 🙂

whale6I bought two metres of this lovely fabric as I knew it was destined to become a dress.  I then washed it and ironed it before popping it in my ‘ever growing’ stash to wait for the perfect pattern to show up.

A few weeks ago I decided to buy a sewing magazine and inside was a free pattern that I’d had my eye on for a while.  It was MacCall’s 7391 and is reminiscent of the 1940’s  – I think that’s why I like it so much as it’s my favourite era!   I looked at the measurements and the pattern suggested that I cut out a size medium to fit my bust measurements.

When I laid out the pattern pieces I was struck by how big they looked and decided to measure the actual pattern before tracing out the size I wanted.  There was so much ease so I decided to sew up a wearable muslin in a size small before cutting into the whale fabric.

The muslin turned out wearable but there was still a great deal of ease and I wanted a more fitted look across my back.  I finally decided to cut out the whale dress in a size extra small and it fits perfectly – even though the pattern says that this is for a 20 1/2″ bust (only 14″ out!)  This size fits me beautifully though and I still have room to spare! 🙂

I did change the pattern slightly and added flutter sleeves as the drape of the fabric is so beautiful!  I did a slash and spread of the pattern to achieve this and it works really well.


So all in all I really love this dress and the tie front is super cute!  I will be making this pattern again in the future, in the smallest size, and I quite fancy hacking the pattern a little more to have a full pleated skirt too so watch this space!

You can also find out more about my thoughts on this dress by watching my latest youtube video:


Until next time…

17 thoughts on “When Whales Flutter…

  1. Seriously, what is going on with pattern sizes? It’s at a point where you just can’t believe them any more!

    Your whale dress looks stunning and I like that you took advantage of the floaty fabric to create those gorgeous sleeves.

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  2. Love those flutter sleeves, great fabric. Excellent line up of projects there. I made that new look blouse and putting the back facing in under the collar was a frustrating exercise in fabric torture, but I got there! Love the fabric for the tea dress and that Anna & cardi will be a fun ensemble ;o)


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