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The Easter Dress

Easter is nearly upon us and what better excuse do I need to make myself a dress?


Easter3During the half term holiday, my lovely friends and I visited The Eclectic Maker and I stumbled across this wonderful cotton print called Sailsbury Spring – perfect for an Easter dress!   I wanted to brighten up the soft grey by using a contrasting fabric and this spotty number was the perfect colour and print.  It has a light cream background and so it is less stark than white.

Now it was time to find the right pattern. I looked through my stash but nothing really jumped out at me, so I turned to the interweb.  I chose the Lekala 4578 which was just what I was looking for and they are instantly downloadable too – yay!

I used the spotty fabric for the collar and cuff details and also used it to make some in-seam side pockets – you need somewhere to store those Easter eggs, right?  The pockets were not part of the pattern and so I drafted my own.Easter6

I really love the button loops and they work well with these pearl buttons that I picked up from The Stitchery, they really give this dress a 1950’s look, which was exactly what I was after!Easter1

The only changes I would make to the pattern next time would be to raise the waist by ½” just because it would then fall on my natural waist (yes, I’m being fussy!)

The results…

I’m so happy with this frock and I know it will get lots of wear over the spring and summer, which looks like it has finally arrived here in Blighty! You can to visit my Youtube channel (click here) to see more on this project and to find out what I’ll be sewing this month too.


Is anyone else making an Easter dress?

Until next time…



28 thoughts on “The Easter Dress

  1. Those shoes are adorable! I know it’s all about the dress, but those shoes are just perfect with it.

    The print is adorable. It’s subtle enough that you don’t even notice the bunnies from the background, but you’ll always know exactly what you’re wearing.

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  2. I love the concept of an Easter dress, but tend to rattle about in the bush, so a dress isn’t really appropriate. I adore your dress, though, and if I had fabric with bunnies on it (or Numbats in Australia) I would totally make a dress. Your pattern makes this dress perfect.

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