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Anna’s Arrived (and Exciting News!)

It appears that I am fashionably late to the party again! This time the celebration in question is the By Hand London Anna dress and to be honest, I don’t know why I have waited so long!


Of course, like many others, I downloaded the pattern as soon as I saw it, but I never got around to printing off the pdf and cutting out the pieces – well who enjoys that process?!

BHLbird5Sometimes I find that you just need the right fabric to come along and make the decision for you and that is precisely what happened when I bought this cotton print from The Owl and Sewing Cat . I knew that I didn’t want to break up the delicate design with too many darts so the Anna made her way out of my folder and onto A4 paper.   Is it me, or is the whole pdf thing a bit of a faff? I hate cutting out patterns at the best of times, but sticking millions of sheets together, cutting them out and then cutting the fabric is one step too far in my book! However, I only wanted the bodice piece and after cutting out the front and back I found that his process wasn’t half as bad as I thought!


BHLbird6I knew that I wanted to make a waistband for this dress and black was the obvious colour to choose. I think it also enables me to wear it with a cardi and long boots in the cooler months as well as being appropriate for the summer too. I found this embroidery stitch on my machine and thought it looked a little bit like bird feet, so I used matching thread and added two lines across the band.  I think it softens the black waistband nicely and ties everything together.


I lined the bodice with some blue anti-static fabric and added a gathered skirt instead of the Anna pattern. I didn’t want my branches going off at weird angles!

So the result? I love Anna and will be making more of her over the coming months. Next time I will take the neckline in slightly at the shoulder, which is something I often have to alter in patterns, but otherwise the fit is spot on. 🙂

As for the exciting news?

I have recently delved into the world of youtube and you can visit my channel by clicking here.  You can now catch up with my sewing plans and projects each month so pop over and say ‘Hi!’

Now that is something to twirl about!


Until next time…


40 thoughts on “Anna’s Arrived (and Exciting News!)

  1. Some serious – and very lovely – twirlyness going on there! That is a gorgeous dress. I hate sticking pdfs together and to be honest would just avoid anything that has too many pages!

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