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A Pretty Pattern Review

img_20170108_104912Happy New Year lovely readers!

Here we are in January already, how did that happen?! Time has this nasty habit of racing away with me, but recently I have found my sewing mojo again and I’ve been busy making some new garments. However, this blog post is about something a little different…

A little while ago I was asked to sew and review a cosmetic bag sewing kit by the lovely ladies at The Stitchery, Lewes.   This haberdashery is my local sewing shop and it’s filled to the rafters with sewing treasures. If you ever need the perfect buttons or trim – The Stitchery is the place to go looking, but be warned, you will never leave without something else catching your eye and crying out “buy me!”


This beginner’s sewing kit comes in a compact clear container so that you can see all the lovliness inside without opening the box – this makes choosing the right kit for you so much easier!

Inside are the instructions, the pattern pieces and also added instructions on how to line the cosmetic bag if you wish to do so. The instructions are clearly written with all ages in mind and I really like the fact that The Stitchery have thought about their audience in this way. There are also some pictures to help the reader understand what to do next.

Now onto the exciting bit – just look at all the goodies inside -it’s like Christmas all over again! There are fabrics, ribbons, trims and a glorious chunky zip and all of beautiful quality.  What I like about this kit is that it gives you the basic instructions and then encourages you to get creative with the trims.

img_20170108_122131You can either hand sew this project or use a sewing machine. I whipped this little beauty up on my machine in about an hour including the lining fabric and embellishments.


I’m really happy with this kit. The packaging is great, the fabrics and trims are of excellent quality and the instructions are clear and straightforward. I even had a few trims left over which will go in my stash for a future project – yay!

The kit costs £9.99 and is great value for money, so why not treat yourself or buy one as a gift? These would be the perfect present for someone who is new to sewing or as something a little different for the more experienced dressmaker.  They say a change is as good as a rest…

You can contact The Stitchery on 01273 473577, email info@the-stitchery.co.uk or visit their online store here.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to The Stitchery for asking me to review this kit – I really enjoyed it and I’ll be popping in again soon!

Until next time…




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