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Short and Sweet

This week I have finally got around to sewing something from my stash.  Recently I have given into the temptations of buying beautiful fabrics and so needless to say I have accumulated several baskets of fabric waiting to be made up into something pretty.  My most recent make has been in my stash for about a year and so it was time it saw the light of day!  This pretty cotton is a remnant that I found a local WI craft sale and cost me £2.  I love the hand painted flowers  on this print as it gives it that vintage vibe from the 1940’s – 1950’s. I also had the Butterick 5895 in my stash and so I thought I would give it a whirl…


If you are thinking of making this pattern please look at the measurements carefully!  According to the pattern I should have cut out a 12 which is to fit a 34″ bust.  Due to fit issues in the past  I always check the pattern pieces so that I can assess the ease of a garment – who wants a saggy crop top??  This pattern has a lot of ease and so I cut out a size 8 in the end which is supposed to be for a 31″ bust – not so!!

The pattern itself was straightforward enough until it was time to fit the collar.  The drawings are really unclear and luckily Vintage on Tap told me about her fabulous tutorial about constructing the collar on Instagram (check out her top – it’s gorgeous!)  The problem lies in the collar, the facing and shoulder seams all being sewn at the same time.  This means you need to fold the collar in a weird way to make sure everything lies flat.  My advice – just make sure you mark everything clearly and sew slowly!

If everything goes well you should end up with a really cute collar that has a nice detail at the back of the neck.

I used these gorgeous and very pink vintage buttons – I love the boldness of them! 🙂

The only adjustment I made was to make the bodice an inch longer.  This is just personal preference – I think I would have spent all my time tugging at it otherwise!

So the verdict?

I love it!!


and it’s perfect for all this hot weather we are having here in Blighty!


Until next time…

12 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. It’s been interesting for me to make up some of the collars that have been cut for these vintage patterns, sometimes I think they’re more complicated than they need be. I should read the instructions before I start cutting into the fabric! The floral and top look lovely.

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