A Summer Shirt Dress

The weather here in Blighty has certainly been temperamental over the last week.  Only a few days ago we were hibernating due to snow and this week the sun has come out and it feels like summer – Hooray!

I have been itching to make something summery and decided to try the Alder shirt dress from Grainline Studio.  I’ve not tried any of their patterns before but I really liked the look of the Alder with it’s structured front and soft gathers at the waist, so it went to the top of my ‘To Do’ list.



The fabric was found in Ditto and was one of those prints that I  bought on a whim when I went to buy some fabric for my son’s shirt (no surprises there!)  I was seduced by the soft grey leaves and the vibrant pop of the flowers, so I bought 2.5 metres and added it to the ever-growing stash.  As soon as I purchased the pattern I knew that the fabric was destined to become an Alder – the cotton is lovely and crisp, perfect for making a collar!


The pattern was so easy to follow and I really enjoyed the construction of this garment.  I do love a bit of topstitching  and so I found the whole process really enjoyable.  The buttons were found in C&H Fabrics and are the perfect pink. I also like the way that they have a faded and distressed appearance.


My favourite thing about the dress is the curved hem and my pattern matching efforts on the pockets – they are there, honest!


The fit is spot on and the fabric is perfect for this dress.  I know that it will get plenty of wear on those hot summer evenings after work with a glass of Pimm’s to hand!



Until next time…


25 thoughts on “A Summer Shirt Dress

  1. Beautiful many times over, beautiful fabric, beautiful fit, beautiful pattern matching, I had to look very hard to see the pocket, beautiful sewing and it looks so beautiful on you.

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  2. This piece looks beautiful on you! The colors are super delicate and you’re right about the distressed buttons; it gives them more interest without being distracting.

    And talking about pattern matching for the pockets- even after I read that I had to strain my eyes to try and find the seams. Great job with it- the fit looks great!

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  3. I loved this when I saw it on IG. I’m always impressed when I see the fabrics that people are using from Ditto, but I haven’t even checked them out yet. I will now, as this fabric is to die for.

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  4. Thank you! They have a lovely selection online but so much more in the shop! It’s hard to walk out without something extra and Gill (the owner) is so friendly and helpful. I just have to make sure that I don’t go in too regularly otherwise I’d be penniless! 😉


  5. I love the Alder pattern. I made one last summer without the gathers and am planning to make one with them this summer. I really love yours – it suits you soooo much. That fabric is just gorgeous – it’s a well done from me!

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