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Never Judge a Top by it’s Cover!

I love a quick sewing fix, doesn’t everyone?  But this little top is even better as it only requires one metre of fabric!



6217I’ve had the Simplicity 6217 in my stash forever and  I don’t even know where it came from (probably one of those freebies in a sewing mag)  anyway, it had been left at the bottom of the pattern pile because I thought that it just wasn’t my kind of thing.  Well, the picture is hardly inspiring is it?  But then I happened to see this cute little top made up by handmadejane and my head was turned!  They say never judge a book by it’s cover…

As I said before, this pattern only requires one metre of fabric, some thread and one button.  There are only three pieces to cut out which makes it a really swift sew and perfect for that ‘quick fix!’  I used this lovely blue viscose that has tiny yellow and white feathers all over it and finished it off with a yellow vintage button at the back.  It only took a couple of hours to cut out and sew – speedy indeed!

I love this top as it goes well with circle skirts and tucked into my Freddie’s of Pinewood high-waist jeans.  I’ve already made another one out of a border print fabric (which you can see on my Instagram here) and I know that I’ll be making more of them as the loose fit will be perfect for summer.

So, my advice:

Always look at the line drawing before you make a hasty decision about a pattern.  You never know, the perfect garment could be lurking deep in the depths of your pattern pile!

Oh, and wear a Erstwilder brooch at every possible opportunity! 😉

Until next time!




19 thoughts on “Never Judge a Top by it’s Cover!

  1. Very cute fabric- and love the button detail!

    I absolutely agree about the line drawings– sometimes the envelope front/the fabric used for the example piece doesn’t do the pattern justice. Love this on you!

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  2. I love anything that could be made in a metre of fabric! Question, did you already have the fabric in your stash, or you went out to buy the fabric for this pattern? When you buy fabrics for a not-yet-planned project, how much do you buy? And if you end up only using one metre, what do you do with the remaining (if any)? I struggle to use my scraps (as big as 1m itself) and prefer not to repeat fabrics on future projects. What to do!!

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    1. This fabric was in my stash. My rule is that 1.5m with usually make a short sleeved blouse and 2.5m will make a dress – this usually works out well and means that I can buy fabric on a whim! I tend to keep favourite scraps and use them to line pockets or make bias binding. However, I am keeping all of my Liberty leftovers to make a quilt one day – a memory quilt of my handmade clothes!

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  3. What a fabulous little top. I love the fabric and contrasting head scarf. Your hair looks ver pretty too. I will have to rake out my pattern and look through my stash to make one for myself. 🙃 🙂 😄 👏🏻

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  4. I’m not keen on T-shirts either, so this is a good alternative and I know I have this pattern somewhere, too. The blue fabric is lovely and perfect for this style. Good decision!

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