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A Bit of a Contrast

One of the perks of working in education is the holidays and as I had no real plans during the Easter break, I booked in for a few sewing classes with Becky Drinan for some much needed sewing and a good catch up!  (You can click here to view her amazing blog which has so many neat sewing tips and tricks).  I used to go to Becky’s class once a week but unfortunately work commitments got in the way, so now I have to just pop in when I can – which isn’t often enough.

6874I wanted to make something that I hadn’t tried before so that I could make the most of learning a new skill under supervision.  My son had been asking for a new shirt and so we set off in search of a pattern and some fabric from Ditto.  He ended up choosing Burda 6874 which has a semi fitted shape and comes in smaller sizes.  This style of shirt works best on my son as he is very slim and anything too boxy just looks weird!  He also chose this lovely grey cotton for the main shirt and a paisley fabric for under the collar and cuffs as well as the button band.

I managed to go to three sessions over the break and learnt heaps from Becky.  Men’s shirts are so different to ladies dressmaking – all that topstitching!!  I didn’t have enough  time to finish the sleeves, cuffs and buttons at class (this was probably due to all the tea drinking, gossiping and oohing and ahhing over some vintage patterns that were brought in) but after a few hours of sewing at home the shirt was finally complete.

Here are a few several pictures of the details:

I’m really happy with this shirt and I am very proud (and surprised) that my son has such great taste in fabric! Sewing a shirt certainly isn’t boring when you have such lovely materials to work with.  He’d like a white shirt next so of course I’m thinking about a touch of Liberty…

It was so lovely to attend class again.  There is something special about spending quality sewing time with like-minded people – I realised that I have really missed it, so hurry up half-term, I’m ready for a new challenge! 😉

Until next time…

17 thoughts on “A Bit of a Contrast

  1. What a lovely shirt, I love the contrasting fabric on the collar and cuffs. The buttons are gorgeous and finish off a really professional touch to the shirt. X 👏🏻 😉😃

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  2. This is right up my husband’s street as he always loves a contrasting placket and cuff interiors. It’s great that your son is happy for you to make him clothes as they often don’t think it’s cool.

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  3. It’s a lovely pattern and you’re right, I’m very lucky that he is happy to wear the clothes I make for him! He says that he proudly tells people that I made them when they ask! 🙂


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