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A Troop of Mushrooms

Did you know that a group of mushrooms (or toadstools) is known as a troop?  Me neither, but I think that it is safe to say that my new blouse fits into this category!


I found this beautiful fabric in the sale whilst shopping at the Owl and Sewing Cat during the Easter break.  It’s so soft that I had to buy enough for a blouse and also a ‘little’ bit more for some summery pyjamas (well, it would have been rude not to!)

P1060574I decided to use the Eliza M Pussy Galore Blouse pattern that I have had in my stash a while.  I knew that this fabric would be perfect as it has such a lovely drape – perfect for a pussy bow!

I have to admit that this blouse wasn’t plain sailing and there are a few problems with the pattern, so definitely not for the beginner!

The first thing I noticed was that the picture on the front of the envelope is not the same as the pattern.  I was really taken with the sleeves on the illustrations and I was looking forward to creating almost a puff ball type sleeve – so pretty and delicate, yes?  Well they would be, if they were part of the pattern!

The sleeves are cuffed – still cute, but definitely not what is pictured!  You end up figuring this out yourself and of course by this time you have already cut out the pattern pieces…

P1060576The next problem was the sizes written on the pattern.  I cut out a size 10 but when I came to the front bodice I noticed that the numbers were written in the reverse order!  Yes, worrying isn’t it?  At least I clocked this just as I was about to cut it out and realised that for this piece I needed the size 18!

The pattern instructions were really unclear and I would suggest that anyone who is just dipping their toe into the dressmaking world does not take on this pattern.  I ended up making the blouse without giving the instructions a second glance and this was probably the safer option!

However, I LOVE this blouse!!  Can you tell?

The blouse fits well – it’s close fitting, without feeling restricted.

I used these shell buttons that I bought from The Textile Garden as they are the perfect ‘mushroom’ colour.  If you haven’t already visited their website you really should, they have the most amazing selection of buttons!

The obligatory twirl when wearing a circle skirt!

Until next time… x

31 thoughts on “A Troop of Mushrooms

  1. Interesting to read what you note about the Eliza M pattern – I’ve got a few in my stash – in fact I think I’ve got this one too but I’ve always been kind of put off attempting them. But hey, testament to your skills that you pulled it off and love it!

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    1. Thank you! I thought that it was best to be honest about the pattern so that it might help out others along the way. I do really like this blouse though, it’s just that the pattern instructions are a bit off!


  2. It’s gorgeous and I did actually notice the difference in sleeve design before I read your comments. Why do they do this? I often have issues with errors in patterns so I suppose the moral of the story is to read it all through thoroughly before you start!

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    1. Thanks so much! Normally you can look at the line drawings to get a good idea of the pattern but in this case it was the same as the illustration. I didn’t really notice the cuff on the sleeve and the pattern wasn’t clear about sewing them either so I ended up looking at the final diagram which had cuffs! I think that it’s a shame that the patterns aren’t tested thoroughly, I’m sure someone would have clocked it at some point! Nevertheless, I love it and will be making it again – my way! 😉

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  3. You’ve reminded me why I want to make this again. Thanks so much. I love the pattern and made this before when it was the single sized patterns. I now need to make a bigger size and bought the new version. Thank you! You’ve saved me a lot of time and stress. I love a good honest review!

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  4. It’s a lovely pattern, it’s just such a shame about the instructions and the sizing error on the bodice front! Otherwise everything else is as it should be, good luck and I look forward to seeing your new blouse!


  5. The sleeves look great on your version but it is so irritating when the illustration shows something quite different. The fabric is just amazing – I love it! I’m also loving your hair – perfect for vintage styling! x

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