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Something for Him…

I have been meaning to blog about this make for the last 5 months and I have finally managed it!

My son asked me to make him a retro waistcoat ages ago and as he was 18 in April I thought this would be the perfect time to finally get on with it.   I scoured the interweb for a pattern but they seemed really boxy and uninspiring.  I ended up buying pattern but I wasn’t completely happy with it and I was worried about the fit as my son is so slim.  Instead I set about copying his favourite waistcoat and drafted a pattern from the original.

P1050146P1050144I found this lovely wool blend fabric on ebay for about £4 and ended up using the wrong side as it had a lovely purple and copper stripe though it.   This lightweight fabric would come in handy when mastering the welt pockets!

This lovely purple fabric was used for the back and it really works well with the main fabric.  This back panel is cut differently to most waistcoats and is split between the side panels which are made from the main fabric.

The pattern went together beautifully and I enjoyed making a garment for my son without him knowing!

The welts were a little more tricky and I did get really nervous about slashing the fabric.  I had to bite the bullet and go for it as my parents had bought him an engraved silver pocket watch for his birthday and he needed something to put it in – no pressure!


My son was really pleased with his gift and didn’t realise that I had made it until I pointed out the label I had sewn in!  He really thought it was from a tailors – I can live with that! 🙂


The trouble is he now wants more, what have I done?!

Till next time. x

25 thoughts on “Something for Him…

  1. Put a (Forties) dress on him and he could be you! What a great waistcoat and such a confidence booster to know he thought it came from a commercial tailor. I made linen waistcoat-and-trouser suits for The Boys when they were pageboys for our wedding a couple of years ago. They now wear them for the snooker “tournaments” that they hold in their bedroom:)

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  2. My goodness he’s a ‘Mini-Me’ you have the same face!! Great work, it looks fantastic! I’ve made a waistcoat for my 16 year old son and at the moment I’m making him 3 new “geeky” shirts. We mustn’t leave out our boys!!

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  3. How wonderfully done! You did fabulous and the fabrics and colors chosen look great on him. It’s really a great compliment for him to ask for more;) It’s great to see others sewing men’s wear too. I understand 100% ’bout those welt pockets… Now you’ve inspired me to try a vest I’m been meaning to make.

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