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On the Home Front

P1050835Over the last few weeks I have been busy on a new project and although it has been a challenge, I am really excited to present my WWII Homefront Overalls to the world!

I found these beauties online a few months ago but I wasn’t sure about the whole PDF pattern thing.  I was worried how they would work out in this format and not to mention all the printing, cutting and sellotaping that goes with online patterns.  However, this wasn’t too bad as the pieces were easy to arrange and after an hour or so I had a pattern ready to go.

I found this lovely indigo denim at Ditto fabrics.  It is a lovely medium weight cotton with no stretch and it didn’t give me blue hands while I worked with it – bonus!

The overalls took a while to make but I think that was partly due to all the topstitching…P1050841and Liberty binding… 🙂


Well, how could I resist these little details?

The buttons were purchased from The Stitchery and have a lovely burnished brass effect.

P1050832The only changes made to the pattern were to make a facing along the bodice front.  My sewing teacher showed me how to do this as it would stabilize the fabric where the straps join the back.  Obviously this meant more Liberty binding needed to be sewn but well, why not!?

I’m really pleased with the finished results and I do hope that I don’t look too much like an overgrown toddler – although frankly I don’t care – I love them and they work well with all the vintage blouses I have been making recently!


Until next time…

36 thoughts on “On the Home Front

  1. I’ve been looking forward to seeing these – and they were worth the wait. I absolutely love them and you have managed to make overalls look glamorous! – definitely NOT overgrown toddler! The finish is beautiful and the buttons are perfect. Brilliant job!

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    1. Thank you so much! I find that I am drawn to the 1940’s look. It’s taken me a long time to find clothes that I feel truly comfortable in and it was learning to sew that helped me to figure it out – better late than never! 😉


  2. No overgrown toddler in sight, just one very stylish and talented lady! They are amazing- I want some! You look so cute. And I have the same hairscarf 😉 X

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  3. Oh my, you look adorable in these! I am so inspired. I just got my vintage overalls pattern in the mail a couple of days ago, and now I want to make them one of my next projects. You did a fabulous job, and you look super cute.

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