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A Pattern Obsession

How many times do you have to make the same pattern before it becomes an obsession?  The reason I am asking is because this is the forth time that I’ve made this blouse recently and I just want to make more!  The obsession in question is the McCall’s 7919, a lovely vintage pattern that I bought off ebay a little while ago.  I have already blogged about two of them and I apologise if my posts are getting a little bit samey but…


I bought the fabric on my recent trip to St Leonards on Sea in a little place called The Sewing Parlour/La La Rookh.  It’s a lovely lightweight chintz that is so soft to wear (which would be great if we had some sun over here in Blighty!) and it’s so pretty!

P1050772I made up the open neck version again and added an inch or two at the hem, just because I like things a little longer.  The buttons are a smaller version of the ones I used in my Vintage at Heart post and I purchased these at The Stitchery in Lewes.  These ones are a gorgeous bright orange and match the tiny tea roses in the fabric perfectly.  These buttons have a retro edge and so when I found that The Stitchery had them in orange I had to have them!

So, will I stop at four of these blouses?  Not likely, I’m just about to sew the buttons on number five!

Obsessive?  I think it maybe…



Until next time…


25 thoughts on “A Pattern Obsession

  1. And I say why not eh, why the ruddy hell not! Make twenty shirts if you want to because it’s a beautiful pattern and perfect for going under overalls! X

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  2. Hello, 😀
    Yet another gorgeous blouse “springy stitches”. I love everything about it, stunning material, beautiful pattern, and the choice of buttons is superb. Well done, yet again, for sharing your fabulous blouse with us. Can’t wait to see the next garment you create. Bye for now. 👏🏻✂️👏🏻


  3. I thoroughly approve of remaking patterns once you’ve found something you love. Some of my favorites I’ve made 5 or 6 times (with different variations depending on season. This looks just lovely on you. Keep on making it!


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