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Buttons and Bows…

In this case seven buttons and a big ‘IN YOUR FACE’ bow! 🙂

Butterick 6217


My latest make is the newly released Butterick 6217 by the lovely Gertie.  There are so many things to love about this retro Summer top – the sweetheart neckline, the fit, the cute petal sleeves and THAT bow!  So of course, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and get stitching!

After looking at the sizing on the envelope, the measurements indicated that I should cut a size 12 as this best suited my measurements.  However, I have got myself into the habit of ignoring this information and checking out the finished garment measurements instead as these enable me to get the right amount of ease.  Butterick tend not to put this information on the outside of their packaging for some reason, so after a little bit of wrestling with the pattern paper, I found the information I was looking for.  I’m so glad that I did check this out as in the end I cut out a size 4 which ended up fine.  Imagine if I had gone ahead and cut out the 12…


Check out those petal sleeves!

This fabric was bought on my trip to the Olympia earlier this year and is a lightweight cotton with a bit of stretch.  It is lovely to work with and drapes really nicely as well as being bright and summery.  I’ve noticed that my wardrobe has gained more colour since I’ve been sewing my own clothes!  Has anyone else found this?

The pattern was really easy to follow and was whipped up in just a few hours and all I needed to buy were some buttons.   Off I went to The Stitchery in Lewes to search of something a little retro.   They have a really good selection of buttons and (after quite some time oohing and ahhing) I chose these little gems!


I’m really pleased with this top.  It fits really beautifully and I love the 1950’s feel.  It works well with jeans and I think that it would be really cute tucked into a skirt.


I’m already thinking of another one already – maybe with polka dots…

28 thoughts on “Buttons and Bows…

  1. This top is on my wishlist of patterns to buy! Yours came out great and I love the details. I loooove tulip sleeves and need some in my life! I agree with Abigail… definitely do polka dots next. 🙂

    I noticed the same thing when I started sewing m own clothes – I tend to pick out fabric that’s more colorful and has a pattern instead of solids or even plain ol’ black. It’s hard to find solids in my me-mades anymore so I’m trying to make an effort to buy some more so my wardrobe is a little mix and match friendly.

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  2. Lovely top! Perfect fabric for it too. I was looking at this pattern yesterday in my Sew Today magazine and wondered about the tie front whether thats a bither to tie up?

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  3. What lovely details on the pattern. I am confused 4/12 – do you mean you made it 4 sizes different? Fit for me still tends to be luck rather than judgement. Anyway it looks lovely on you and I’m with everyone in championing the polka dots!

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    1. Yes, crazy isn’t it?! The sizing on the packet states that a 34″ bust is a 12, but the finished garment size meant that this would have turned out as a 40″ bust! I’m a 33″ bust and the size 4 finished garment size is a 35 1/2″ – This was the perfect amount of ease for me as I wanted a snug fit so that there was not too much fabric pooling behind the bow. It’s really worth checking the finished garment sizes for a good fit!


  4. Hi! I just found your blog and I love your version of this blouse on you! Fits perfectly and the fabric is lovely. I am making this blouse myself and I also made size 4 based on the finished measurements, but the sizing on the envelop had me make a 10 ;). I am just wondering, did you change anything to your armholes? They looked very very small on the pattern, so I choose enlarge them to a size 10. But they are still too tight on the front of my armpit! Now I took the blouse in a little by the bust, as the size 4 was still a bit too big on me, so the armholes are now slightly smaller again than size 10, but still! On your pictures it looks like they fit perfectly, so I was just wondering how you did that :).

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments! I did shave a little off of the armholes (about half an inch) and this worked ok for me. The good thing is that you can loose a little of the fabric and it doesn’t affect the sleeves too much because of the petal tops! It is snug at the front of the armholes though and I think that I got away with it because there was some stretch in the fabric and I also have narrow shoulders. I hope that this helps – good luck! 🙂


  5. Oh I want this pattern! 4 vs 12… WOW. I do the same thing- ALWAYS go by finished measurements. I don’t really understand where they get their sizing chart and am surprised they have not fixed that. Anyway. your blouse is VERY cute. I want one!

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  6. I’m so glad I found your blog. I would have cut a 12 if it wasn’t for your advice, instead I went for the 4 and it was perfect. I find it a little tight under the arms but I may have done something not quite right. It’s a lovely pattern, can’t wait to make more.

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