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The sun is out and (even though it is supposed to be spring) the weather has decided that it will be summer here in the south of England.  I’m not complaining, in fact I think it has kick started me into summer sewing a little early!  I have been quite industrious and made a seaside outfit, perfect for sitting on the beach and indulging in ice-cream. 🙂

Fabric – How could I resist this print?


Over the weekend, I bought this fun fabric on a whim from a local quilting shop.  I love the retro feel of the fabric and it reminds me of Brighton beach with all the seagulls and the colourful beach huts that can be seen in Hove.  I set my heart on another Clemence skirt from Tilly’s Love at First Stitch book as I was happy with the last one I made and I thought that this style would really show off design of the fabric.



I pattern matched the pieces before cutting and I decided that I wanted the houses to run along the waistband.  I also made sure that the sea ended at the hem of the skirt as I thought this kind of framed it – as you can imagine my sewing OCD was on high alert at this point!

Back view. Those beach huts pretty much meet in the middle!


This skirt is so quick to sew up and it was completed in a few hours, but I needed something simple to go with it…

Simplicity Freebie!

As luck would have it, this months issue of Sew Home and Style came with a free simplicity pattern K1467 and they featured the top on their front cover.  I really liked the high yoke and button fastening at the back of the neck, so off I went to The Lanes in Brighton in search for some fabric.  I found this lovely white Swiss cotton batiste with pale pink dots and I also bought some lightweight cotton for the lining.


The pattern suggested that I should make a size 12 to fit a 34″ bust, but I wasn’t convinced.  I measured myself and then the pattern pieces and calculated that the size 8 should fit perfectly.  I thought about making a muslin but decided to trust my measuring…

The top fits perfectly and with just the right amount of ease.  The lining came together easily too and gives the top a lovely finish as well as feeling quite luxurious (lined garments always feel like a luxury to me!)  The great thing about linings is that they make everything so neat on the inside too – more sewing OCD!  The pale pink polka dots work really well with the skirt and it’s a nice change from a plain white top.

The fabric looks lovely against my 1950’s ceramic brooch too!


So, I’m ready for summer and I’m off to the beach!  Maybe I’ll treat myself to some Brighton rock beside those beach huts…





35 thoughts on “Brighton Rock

    1. Thanks you! The fabric was from The Pumpkin Patch in Hailsham. I tend to shop in Brighton because it’s nearer to where I live but I popped into this shop on the way to my Mum’s – it’s a good job I did! 🙂


  1. Hello, yet another brilliant skirt and blouse. I love the colours and pattern matching. The blouse is very pretty and sets the skirt off beautifully. Well done yet again springystitches……..I can’t wait to see your next creation. Xx

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  2. Hello! Just having (a very bad) attempt at this top myself. Having one of those… I’m completely mystified by the instructions as to how to add the facings. The neckline is fine, but attaching them around the armholes too is boggling my brain. The yoke piece is much wider than the width of the shoulder! Do you kind of fold it up and in out of the way?Or is my cutting out totally wrong?! Any advice, if you get chance, would be highly appreciated 🙂


    1. Poor you, I hate it when things just don’t add up! I’m not sure what has happened though! I found that it fitted together ok so maybe it is worth checking the pattern pieces again. If you send a picture I could try and get my head around it and see if I can help…

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      1. Ok, just checked pattern pieces and do seem fine. I’ve attached yoke and then the facing on top of that, which looks right. It’s sewing the facings to the armholes which I can’t quite get my head round. It won’t attach flat, but I can make it fit if I curve it upwards in an arc! Still not sure how you pull it all through either… If you can shine any light on this, great. But please don’t worry if not. It’s my day off tomorrow, so maybe a less tired brain might help! And I think I have some bias binding, if not 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not sure what is going on with the upward arc – maybe the fabric has stretched a little? You pull it through by pulling each back piece through the gap between the facing and the main fabric at the shoulders. I hope that your ‘alert’ brain is helping today and that this makes sense! 😉 I look forward to seeing the end result – good luck! 🙂

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