Cape Convert

Everyone needs a cape.

1950’s Cape – I love this collar!

They are warm, simple to construct, chic, incredibly comfortable and I think that they need to make a come-back!  Another great thing about them is that they can be smart or casual depending on your mood.  What’s not to love?  As part of the Wardrobe Architect challenge, I made a few sketches and thought about the fabric and the look I wanted:

My dodgy drawing
My dodgy drawing

The following week the pattern had been drafted and there were only four main pieces so this looked like a pretty swift make – my kind of sewing!  But I then decided to bias bind all the inside seams with Liberty fabric.  It looks gorgeous but, as you can imagine, it took me forever!!

Liberty Bound Binding
More Binding!

I chose a lovely cream wool from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton that is not too thick and can be worn either with a jumper or blouse in the Spring.  The fabric has a chevron weave and it is really soft to the touch.  It did smell a bit ‘sheepy’ when I pressed the binding so I won’t be wearing it if it’s raining any time soon!

The buttons were found in a little haberdashery and I love the vintage feel they give the cape.  I used four for the front opening and then I stitched one next to each pocket, and through both front and back pieces, so that it looks like I have sleeves.  They also look like chocolate Minstrels – I had to make sure I didn’t dribble on the fabric while sewing them on!

Showing off my Minstrels
and the ones next to the pockets!

I will definitely make another one in a ‘rain friendly’ fabric that is a little smarter for work.Any other cape converts out there?

Until next time…



18 thoughts on “Cape Convert

  1. I love this! It’s fab that you designed it yourself. I was going to make a cape but came across one in the charity shop for £5.99, Henry Holland @ Debenhams so bought that instead! It’s so cosy! I did replace the buttons that create the sleeves, so I did do something…

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    1. Thanks Teresa! Yes, I see her every Monday evening and she is so encouraging and inspiring. I’ve been going for almost a year now and we have all become good friends. You should look online and find somewhere near you, it’s taught me so much and makes me want to learn more! 🙂

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