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Dreaming of Tea Roses

This week I have a new pair of PJ’s.  I have been wearing the ‘same old’ pyjamas for longer than I care to remember and they consist of vest tops and shorts.  I’m a fussy pyjama wearer – I don’t like long bottoms that work their way up to my thighs during the night, or sleeves that end up around my armpits!  Maybe I’m just a terrible ‘night wriggler’ but the long-legged/long sleeve combo just doesn’t work for me.

The ‘same old’ pyjamas have seen a lot of wear and recently the elastic in one pair of shorts gave up the ghost.  The shorts sat on my sewing pile for some time waiting for me to rip out the old elastic and insert the new.  Several weeks went by – well if you had the choice of making a new dress or repairing a pair of shorts, what would you choose?!  This week I made a deal with myself – no more new projects until the repair work was complete.

On closer inspection I found that they were really past it.  The cotton was beginning to look worn and thin in places so I decided to make myself a new pair (much more exciting than repairing elastic!)

Tea Rose Fabric

I found some pretty and inexpensive cotton lawn that would be prefect for the job.  I love tea rose fabrics and they seem to be everywhere at the moment (think Cath Kidston) so it wasn’t hard to find the right material with a vintage feel.

I went for view A and D


The pattern I used was this McCall’s number.  They were very easy to make and within an evening I had a new pair of PJ’s.  It was only when I had finished them that I realised that I hadn’t even consulted the pattern instructions!  I must have subconsciously figured out how to make it up while I was cutting the pattern!  After I finished, I checked the pattern instructions and had done everything I was supposed to do – phew!  I had also added a few tricks that I have learnt along the way that weren’t included in the pattern instructions:

1)  I sewed down the seams of the waist elastic after inserting it into the casing so that the elastic stays even and doesn’t bunch up.

2) I stitched around the top edge of the waistband to keep it flat.

Have you ever forgotten to consult the pattern instructions?

Ready for Bed

Here they are!  The vest top has been folded in half in this photo so that I could get the whole outfit in the frame.  The vest also has a racer back which stops me feeling restricted a night – bonus!  These will be lovely and cool in the summer months and I think I’ll make some brushed cotton ones for the winter.

Not as exciting as making a new dress but better than repairing elastic!

Until next time…


16 thoughts on “Dreaming of Tea Roses

  1. So pretty! I love your fabric choice! For me they’d be nice for summer but I like long PJs at the moment, I’m always cold! I have some with cuffs on the ankles which are great except they’re a bit tight… Need to make my own!
    And NO I haven’t skipped the instructions!! I always read just to check at least! Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Beth! Now cuffs would stop the PJ’s riding up – good idea! To be honest, reading the pattern didn’t even cross my mind, but I’m pleased that I managed to do what came naturally and that it turned out fine. 🙂

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  2. Not guilty of skipping instructions, but very guilty of looking at the picture and “skim” reading the instructions. Then having to go back because I’ve totally misread it!

    I’ve been longing to make some comfy pyjama bottoms but I just haven’t found the right fabric. All the cottons I have in my stash are fairly stiff feeling. They would crinkle up if worn as pyjamas.

    I’ll have to go find some… any excuse for a fabric shopping trip 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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