The Clemence Skirt

My sewing machine is still in A&E and I have been going cold turkey for too long now!  Apparently in needs a new display board and has been packed off to a place that deals in Brother machines.  I have done everything I can to keep myself occupied with sewing related jobs: 1) Sorted out my sewing room  – I call it the sewing room, my partner calls it the spare room. 2) Cut out and overlocked some undies – they look great, but not useful without elastic. 3) Finshed off a few projects with a spot of hand sewing – I don’t know why I left this so long as it’s nice to have new garments to wear. 4) Ordering new patterns – very exciting! 5) Cutting patterns – boring (yawns). Quite frankly, my life cannot go on without a sewing machine!  I was just about to seek therapy via Google when my lovely Mum came to the rescue!  She has loaned me her machine!! 🙂  I think the wailing and moaning had obviously got to her and she couldn’t take anymore – to be honest, I would have got pretty peeved with myself too!  I can’t tell you the relief I have felt this weekend whilst sewing the Clemence skirt from Tilly’s Love at First Stitch book!

red shoes
Showing off my invisible hand stitched hem!

I’m feeling pretty smug about this one as I have used up some more fabric from my stash that I bought years ago.  I had always thought it would make a lovely skirt as although it’s cotton, it looks like the black silhouettes are made of velvet.  Beth from After Dark Sewing made a really cute Clemence recently and I thought it would be fun to try it out.  I took my measurements and cut out a me sized pattern.  I decided not to do the  French seam method as Tilly suggests.  Partly because  the fabric is cotton and overlocks well and also because I wanted it to be a speedy make! I felt that the fabric needed brightening up as it could run the risk of looking a little dowdy.

piping clemence
A splash of colour

After some pondering, I decided to make my own red piping to go around the waistband and found a pretty polka dot fabric that would do the job nicely.Not easy to sew into a gathered skirt, but I persevered and took it slowly (I didn’t want to break Mum’s machine too!)  One little niggle is that the piping made the zip a little tricky to do up.  I cut away quite a bit of bulk inside the seam, where the piping sits, but it still struggles.  I’m hoping that after a couple of washes the fabric it will settle down a bit.  Next time I will try a slightly thinner piping.  It’s not perfect, but I can live with it!

Overall this was a nice easy pattern that fits beautifully.  As for the fabric, it should have seen the light of day long before now!  It makes a lovely winter addition to the wardrobe teamed with black tights and long boots, but I can wear it in the summer too with a white blouse and my red Mary Jane shoes!

red shoes3
Of course the shoes had to come out for the photos…

An all year round skirt + a happy sewist = No therapy needed. Thanks Mum! 🙂

Until next time…

22 thoughts on “The Clemence Skirt

  1. I LOVE your Clemence! The fabric is beautiful – I thought it looked velvety before I read the bit where you said it isn’t! The piping was a fantastic idea – it makes your lovely gathers ‘pop’. Ahhh I just love your whole outfit. I’m wearing mine today and now I want yours!! Mine’s very boring in comparison! But it is super comfy 🙂

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    1. Thanks! It is a heavyweight cotton and I haven’t lined it at all. The pattern is made up of three rectangles gathered together and attached to a waistband to give it a full look. I think the lighter grey bands in the fabric probably add to the optical illusion!


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